Hello, stranger! Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page!
Q: Who are you?
A: Oh hi! My name is Jordan Cooper. See the about me page for more information!
Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I love making music and writing songs. I have been writing songs for friends of mine since I first started learning music. Now I want to do it for...everybody. Even you! And get paid. Even a tiny bit.
Q: Will this always cost $___?
A: See above. If the site actually takes off and requests become overwhelming, I will probably raise the price to justify the amount of work I'm doing and hopefully weed out the less serious customers. Therefore the price may be in constant fluctuation.
Q: What will my song be like?
A: I tend to write melodic, fun pop songs. I will be singing on most of them, though I may use a guest vocalist (like my lovely girlfriend) if I feel another voice fits the lyrics better. Your song may be fast, slow, happy, sad, acoustic, electric, anything. I'm a big fan of variety. Please check out the archives page to hear examples of my general sound, voice, and style. And for examples of some non-persona-related music, check out my website jordancoopermusic.com
Fidelity wise: I record everything in my room. As you can imagine, these are not radio-quality million dollar productions, but sound pretty professional, dynamic, and fun nonetheless.
I do have some highly regarded recording equipment. I use Logic Pro X, an Apogee Duet converter, Universal Audio LA 610 MK-II Mic Preamp/Compressor, and various respectable microphones from Rode, Shure, and more. I have invested much into making sure these songs sound as professional as possible. Hear for yourself!
Q: What will the file format of my song be? or: What happens after I order a song?
A: When the song is finished, I send you an e-mail containing an MP3 (at 320 kbit/s, which is standard high quality) of your song, as well as a bonus "karaoke" version with no vocals! Have fun! I will also include the lyrics in the body of the e-mail. If you would like the chords, I will throw those in as well by request.
Q: Will my song be awesome?
A: Yes! However, everything is relative. See next question.
Q: I don't like the song you wrote about me! Can I get a refund?
A: I am truly sad to hear this. However, the short answer is simply "no." This is a lot of freelance work for me and I just can not trust that people happen to dislike their song so they can get money back. Days and days and many hours of work on my end.
The long answer is that only one time I may be willing to slightly alter an aspect of the song (for example you wish the mix were different, or a lyric or two needs to be changed) if requested WITHIN ONE WEEK of receiving the song.
I should also mention, if for some reason I am unable to complete your song, you will obviously be refunded the instant that becomes apparent. This has not happened yet!
Q: How long will my song take you to do?
A: Please allow 4-6 weeks (or longer) for the song. There is a chance your song may be done within 1 week. I have no idea how many requests I will get, but if there are a lot, expect to be on a waiting list. The site may even "shut down" temporarily if the requests become overwhelming.
If you wish to be put at the start of the waiting list,or need an "emergency" song about you or somebody you know, there will be an extra $100 charge, line cutter!
Q: Can you write a song making fun of someone I know?
A: I do not wish to be involved in your personal grudges or issues. No. Well, maybe for a lot of money.
Q: Can I tell you exactly how I want my song?
A: You can, but that does not mean I will completely listen to you. This is very much a "case by case" basis.
While I very much need to know about who you are and your life, I prefer to take that and run with it, rather than be explicitly ordered what to write. Your answers on the form will inspire me, and I NEED them to guide me with the song, but please do not be too strict in what I can and can't do. I still would like these songs to be artistic, not too cold and calculated...
Q: How can I help make the song extra special?
...That being said, I would love it if you filled up the form with lots of good stuff for me to sort through. The more specifics the better. For example, which will get the better lyrics?
A) My boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever loves art
B) My boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever loves art, their favorite artists are Salvador Dali and Picasso. Their favorite paintings are....(etc, etc.)
Example B gives me tons more to work with in the lyrics, more to surprise the person the song is for, more special specifics that will make the song as unique as possible and worth every penny!
Likewise, life anecdotes make things extra special. What emotional or meaningful memories can you share with me, that can make it into the lyrics? You want the person listening to be blown away that an actual song exists about them, about actual things from their life! Not just generalities like "we moved to Florida in 2000" but real, human, important moments ("while moving to Florida in 2000, our car broke down and etc, etc...")
Musically, I'd love a general guide of what sort of music you like, your favorite bands or genres (this is one of the form questions.) This may help me shape the song as well, but again, it won't be fun if you are too ultra specific about how my recording should go!
Q: So is the song really totally about me/the person I am buying it for?
A: It is inspired by your/their name, and however you answer the form questions. Obviously you may love the song, or you may take issue with certain lyrics, but the idea is that these songs are broad artistic strokes. Hopefully you, or whoever the song is for, will be delighted. I make great attempts in the lyric writing stage to capture the feel of what I can gather from what you tell me in the form and in subsequent e-mails.
Q: Do I own my song? (Legal stuff)
A: I, Jordan Cooper, naturally own the copyright for every song I write and record, and am allowed to do with them what I please. However if for any reason you absolutely do not wish your song to be made public, as a favor to you I will keep it off this website. Though I wish you'd reconsider.
On the other side, while you are prohibited from profiting off of my song, I encourage you to play the song for whomever or wherever you want, throw it on mix CDs, your friend's ipods, put it online (with a link back to this page, please!), or spread it around. As long as you do not sell it. Thank you!
Thank you very much for reading the F.A.Q. If you have any further questions, please do NOT hesitate to contact me through this website. Listening to previous songs in the Archive page may also answer your questions about how the songs sound.